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Her SON Bir Başlangıçtır.. / SON KO New Beginning

Türkiye'nin ilk ve tek Ardream Farm sunucusuna hoş geldiniz..
Welcome to our Ardream/Farm server!
Bize katıl! / Join us!

SON-KO Ödüllü Official / Award-winning Official

Resmi sürüm 12 Ekim'de başlıyor!
The official version starts on October 12th!
Bize katıl! / Join us!
  • #### NOTICE :
  • Son-KO:Reborn Of The Ardream Offical 12 Ekim 20:00'da sizlerle... ####
  • Son-KO:Reborn Of The Ardream Offical September 12th at 20:00! ####

Weekly Ranking and Reward System

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Hail Knights,
We are pleased to announce our new project, the Weekly Prize system! Each week we will distribute various gifts to the top 50 players in the rankings of the NP listed below (NP is reset every Friday at 23:59). These gifts may vary according to your order in the rankings. You can follow the right NP order in our newly added Weekly Ranking section.image.png

You can see the gift list below.

  1. Player Equipmentı + 3,200 KC

  2. 3,200 KC

  3. 2,500 KC

  4. 1,600 KC

  5. 1,200 KC

6. ~ 10. 800 KC

11. ~ 20. 600 KC

21. ~ 30. 400 KC

31. ~ 40. 200 KC

41. ~ 50. 100 KC

Gaming gear for the first prize will be changed every week to keep everything fresh. We won't  give you the same gift for two weeks in a row. We are open to any suggestions you all may have!

This week we will launch this event in our beta, so we can work out any kinks that may be there!

On Friday (05.10.2018) at 23:59 the RIGHT NP will be reset, and until 11.10.2018 23:59 the top NP holder will receive the "Trust Ziva Gaming Mouse + Mouse Pad". As we are in the beta version, after the official 6-day trial, new gifts will be determined every Friday and the top rankings will be reset!



Son-KO Team. 😎

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